Dear John,

I do not write thank you letters very often but felt compelled
here in the airport the day after our move to write one.
As a
husband, business man, and frequent traveler I was in town a total
of three days over the past month. Once we agreed to sell our home
and move into a condominium the process from sale to moving
happened very quickly and coordinating such a move with my travel
schedule I knew was going to be a nightmare. Much to my surprise
it was not. A good friend recommended we call you and utilize your
services for our move. She was very confident that since she was
very pleased with her move that we would also be pleased with our
move. Being that our friend is also our attorney the recommendation
came with great respect.

You came over to our home and quoted our move and also stated that
you would not be the cheapest moving quote in town but that we
would be satisfied and you guaranteed it. Like any typical shopper
I called around and found you to be accurate regarding not being the
least expensive but that with each quote I received I was less and
less certain that our move would seamless without typical moving
company shenanigans. After that exercise in futility I called you up,
again being out of town and asked to go forward with you as our mover.
Your communication was phenomenal throughout the entire process.

Again, in town for the day of the move and you and your team moved us
from our home to our condo with precision. Consummate professionals and
all I can say is that you over delivered your services. What a lot of
people may or may not understand is that the cost for not using you far
exceeds the fee to use you. So if anyone ever tells you that you cost too
much you can tell them that the cost to use any other mover far exceeds
the fair and honest fee you are willing to trade for the services you
will render. You truly made what my wife and I thought was going to be
a nightmare, a day to remember. After you finished up yesterday we went
out for an early dinner and slept in our new home as if we lived there
all our lives.

Thank you John and please tell your team that we appreciated everything
they did to make our move a truly wonderful experience.

John Allen

Hi John

Thank You for taking care of my Mom and helping
us out again.  It is so great to find a mover you can trust, so
I will send business your way any time I can.

My Mom is a real “project” so I hope everything goes well. If
anything at all comes up, please feel free to call mycell. My
mom is legally blind although she pretends notto be–so she is
not the best housekeeper.  I am sending a cleaningservice in
tomorrow to try and make sure everything is pristine for you.
Everything should be in order by the time you get there.

Thanks again and hope all is well with you. Mia.

Thanks John for all your help,. You all were
awesome. Everything arrived safely as you had promised. If we
hear of anyone moving, I will definitely give them your card.

Take care, Karin

Hi John,

The crew arrived with the wardrobe boxes – right on time. I just wanted
to share with you… I was very impressed with “Freddie” he was the
perfect professional
… Just wanted to share… I felt oh, so
comfortable, with him.. thought you might want to know – he is just what
you want as a representative of your company. He was calming for me and I
am far from calm! Have a great day.

Sincerely, Pat Crane

Hi John,

Sorry to take so long to get back with me. Your service was great.
The crew was fantastic, very nice and didn’t even know they were there.

Look forward to you helping me move into my new condo. Just closed today. But
going to renovate a bit then move in. Will give you advance notice. Thanks again,
please thank your crew again. I am giving your name to all the realtors I know as well.

Have a good weekend.

Best Regards,

Cynthia L. Tenberg, Esq